With our photobooth you can:

  • entertain your guests
  • Generate range of coverage
  • open up a new sales channel
We want to offer you a high quality device for the hard use consisting of high-quality components. The operation is simple and at the push of a button our photo box is ready to go. If you have any questions, we can help you at any time via remote maintenance.

Our Customers

Your opportunities

Immediate printing

Your guests can print out the photos immediately and hold them in their hands with an individual branding.

social media

With the photo box directly into the social web. With the Photo Booth  you have the possibility to increase your profile on the social web.

Email Marketing

The user of the Fotobox can send the picture directly by e-mail. In this mail, you can offer him further promotions and thereby build up an email distribution list.


The green screen technology allows your guests to immerse themselves in a new world. The background is freely configurable.

Buy the photo booth

In our photo boxes shop you will find a long constructed photo box which has been tried and tested in many applications. The Fotobox is particularly suitable for stationary use in event locations and offers an additional source of revenue but also a further highlight for your customers. Customers can create a beautiful picture of themselves and share it in the social media or by email. This offers you the possibility of generating coverage in the social media or distributing another voucher in the email. The email that is sent by the photo box can be configured and designed freely.


Our photo box is intentionally provided with a large area, which you can use for your brand. The photo can also be freely configured and adjusted in its message. Combined with a social media campaign, you can generate a considerable reach. Buy our photo box as an advertising ambassador for your brand.


The photo box contains a green screen function with which you can immerse the users in every world. This function has already been used for some great live events: The tourism industry uses the function to immerse visitors in new worlds and take pictures of themselves in their destination. At the zoo you can take spectacular photos in the safari.


If you decide to buy our photo box, buy a sturdy device that has just been designed for big events and some “wilder” parties. The photo box is already prepared and can be set up within 2 minutes. All you have to do is connect the photo box to the power supply. All other systems start automatically. The images can also be transferred over the network within a few minutes and are immediately available to you.

Remote maintenance of the photo box

The purchase of the Fotobox also includes the service to help with questions about the Fotobox via remote maintenance. This enables us to help you quickly and easily.